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Just a Little Bit

I don’t understand how you can claim to be a part of a group of individuals whose instructions by their creator was to LOVE one another. I’m not saying accept or agree with everything everyone does- but love. Love God first, then thy neighbor. And yet you ARE a stumbling block to fellow believers. You don’t try and discuss beliefs they have or you have because you have a care for their heart with God, but your own pride and need to voice your two cents. It’s not because you have a selfless love for someone else’s well being, but your own comfortable bubble. And yet you critisize and put down others for not thinking just like you, or thinking differently. And expression is one thing. But being a critical “hard, blunt” insensitive human being is NOT CHRIST LIKE. Some people need to learn the difference between Christ like and like Christ. Because quite frankly, if someone is gay- how does that hurt you? I hear “it teaches my kids (or kids in general) that it’s ok to be gay, and being gay is a sin” I get that- but YOU teach your kids YOUR beliefs. The Bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Do you not have faith in God’s word? If it’s not your kid, with something like this, it’s not your business. Just like I don’t want someone telling me how to raise my kids, I’m not gonna judge someone else’s way of raising them when they’re not in any danger. And I mean actual danger. A loving gay home is not danger. A child molester is dangerous. No, I don’t think being gay is ok in the Bible, because it’s mentioned not only in Leviticus, but in the new testament as well. I can’t recall the particular verses at the moment, but if it’s that big a deal to ya- I’ll charge my dead phone and find it for you. Because I was torn and conflicted about how I felt about this topic, so I studied the Bible instead of just listening to others. But you know what? I also don’t care if they get married. This is America. Yes, a lot of our founding fathers (not all!) were Christians, but that’s not what our country was founded FOR. It was for tolerance. Physically safe tolerance. IF it’s not actually harming you, then whatever. They’re spirituality is between them and God. “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.” I also don’t think gays are going to hell just for being gay. God sees all sin as equal (also in the Bible)and the only “unforgivable sin” is not accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior (also in said Bible.) To me, being gay and saved is a lot like lying and being saved. Does God like it? No. Will you get in trouble for sinning? More than likely. Will God not allow you into heaven over that one sin? If your heart is truly in the right place- with God- then I believe not. And I’m sure I’ve gotten “No, your wrong” thoughts from both sides of this topic in this, but here’s the best part. (Oh, yeah, it gets better). There’s a verse, several actually, that discuss judgement. Particularly, humans judging other humans. And the best part is that the Bible says that God is the only one who can judge each and every human, so guess what that means for us? WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT TAKING ON THAT HUGE RESPONSIBILITY. We can have our opinions, and views, and whatevers. But that’s all we’re responsible for! You don’t like it? Is it not physically harming you? FANTASTIC. Continue on with your day. Are you living a life of love, compassion, kindness, and holiness as God instructed YOU? Quit worrying about how everyone else is driving, and make sure you’re on the path of holiness, godliness. And then those of you who actually have kids- not just those who insist on trying to tell everyone else how to parent, you’re responsible for your kids- as in what you teach them. Which you can suit to your own beliefs. If that’s Christianity, and God’s teachings, then absolutely. Go for it. Share your religious beliefs. Teach! Preach! But do so out of love, not pride. And make sure you’re attempting to LIVE a life, not just talk about a life, of someone who is Christ like. Your actions, and your heart’s intent, are your testimony. And your actions will reflect your heart. And if you realize that you have screwed up, do not be afraid to set aside your pride and fess up. Just remember, there’s also a verse in the Bible that says there will be more people who expect to enter the kingdom of God, and will be turned away. Jesus will say he never knew them because they did not really know Him.